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Below are reference materials to assist in getting materials approved and IDOT guidelines.



The following documents are provided as a tool to assist with identifying materials and/or ensuring that correct data is supplied to IDOT.

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IL Mod. AASHTO T283 Visual Strip Rating Guide

Material Specific Information

There is currently no material specific information


CBM Specifications

Activities involving materials, research, and new products are administered by IDOT's Central Bureau of Materials (CBM). Administration of these activities requires CBM to develop new specifications or revise existing department specifications. Since these activities are under development or are being evaluated, the specifications do not have a wide distribution. In addition, these specifications are a working document and have not been adopted as a statewide standard.

  • Special Provision For Anti-Stripping Additives in Bituminous Mixtures For Extended Life Pavements (CBM)
    Application: Premium HMA anti-strip additive to be used in all Extended Life Pavement Projects and in all projects where hydrated lime is specified.
    Effective Date: 04/03/03
    Revised Date: 01/12/05
    Contact Person: Tom Zehr / Phone: 217/524-7268 / Email:
  • Superpave Bituminous Concrete Mixtures (Low ESAL), Rubber Modified (CBM)
    Application: For HMA projects containing crumb rubber modified asphalt cement.
    Effective Date: 12/08/03
    Revised Date: Not Applicable
    Contact Person: Tom Zehr / Phone: 217/524-7268 / Email: