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Permit Compliance

The following manuals and guides provide requirements for your permit. 

  • Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule:  Safety 3-07 Safety Engineering Policy 3-07 complies with the updated Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) work zone regulations at 23 CFR 630 Subpart J. The policy intent is to address safety and mobility issues starting early in project development and continuing through project completion. The goals are focused both on reducing fatal and serious injury crashes in work zones, coupled with minimizing work zone delays for motorists. This policy was developed in coordination with FHWA, affected IDOT Bureaus and Districts, and local agency representatives.

To download the full policy with the following updated appendices, click here:

Utilize the IDOT Highway Standards to meet IDOT requirements for connections to the state roadway.

IDOT publishes and maintains the BDE Manual which establishes uniform policies and procedures for the location, design and environmental evaluation of highway construction projects on the state highway system. Chapter 36 of the BDE Manual provides guidance in the design of intersections including alignment, profile, design vehicles, turning radii, right turning roadways, left and right-turn lanes, intersection sight distance, channelized islands, and intersections near railroads.

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