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Geotechnical Memorandums


All Geotechnical Manual User Memos (AGMU) are issued from the BBS Foundations and Geotechnical Unit advising of policy changes prior to the policy's incorporation in the Geotechnical or Subgrade Stability manuals.

Special Instructions: AGMU memos are available for download below. To download an individual file to your hard drive click the link with the right mouse button, then choose "save target as." To view the file, click the link with the left mouse button. Files are in Adobe PDF format.

All AGMU Memos

  • AGMU 12.0: New Structure Geotechnical Report Categories and Scope (Issued: 6/15/2012)
  • AGMU 11.1: Light Tower, Traffic Signal, Sign Structure Foundation Design (Issued:9/1/2011)
  • AGMU 10.2: LRFD Geotechnical Pile Design and Construction Changes (Issued:2/3/2010)
  • AGMU 10.1: Liquefaction Analysis Procedure (Issued:2/25/2010)
  • AGMU 09.1: LRFD Seismic Soil Site Class Definition (Issued:1/7/2009)
  • AGMU 07.1: Bureau of Materials and Physical Research (Issued:11/26/2007)
  • AGMU 05.4: Notification of Geotechnical Manual Update System (Issued:12/22/2005)
  • AGMU 05.3: Revised Appendix II of the Geotechnical Manual (Issued:10/26/2005)
  • AGMU 05.2: Structure Geotechnical Report Chapter 5 Manaul Addendum (Issued: 09/26/05) SUPERCEDE
  • AGMU 05.1: Online Availability of Geotechnical Manual and All Geotechnical Manual User Memos  (Issued:8/24/2005)