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Professional Transportation Bulletin

IDOT advertises for professional services four times a year via the Professional Transportation Bulletin (PTB) and makes this schedule public via the PTB Schedule (below). The PTB contains information pertaining to the advertisements for offers of interest for professional engineering, land surveying and architectural services for IDOT projects. On occasion, a special bulletin is necessary. Below you will find the active PTB as well as supplementary information. If wishing to review archived bulletins and press releases please navigate to Resources.

PTB 211r

Negotiation Information

To view the most current negotiation meeting information on particular advertised items please click here. This information has not been finalized and is subject to change. Contact the appropriate District for questions regarding a particular Item.

Tentative PTB Schedule

Activity Publish PTB Statements of Interest Due Selection Meeting

Activity Publish PTB Statements of Interest Due Selection Meeting

Look Aheads

As a courtesy to the professional services industry serving IDOT, the Department is providing a preliminary list of projects we provisionally anticipate advertising for Quality Based Selection (QBS) procurement during the remainder of FY 2022 as well as FY 2023. The information in this document is subject to change and provided for informational purposes only. Consequently, the Department makes no commitment that the items listed will definitively be advertised during the prescribed timeframe. In accordance with Illinois procurement laws and rules, under no circumstances should firms contact the Department to request additional information regarding the timing of the advertisement of the projects listed. FY2022 / FY2023 Look Aheads