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Modifications, Transfer, or Recission


Certificates of approval shall be issued in the name of the applicant and shall be transferable upon a change of ownership or control of the airport or restricted landing area only after approval of the department (Illinois Aeronautics Act 5, Section 42). Application to Transfer Certificate of Approval of a RLA/Airport/Heliport (form AER 2058) shall be submitted to the division to request the transfer.


No person shall make an extension or alteration to an existing airport or RLA that will require a modification of the Certificate of Approval without first having secured an order from the division approving the extension or alteration. The Certificate Holder shall complete and submit to the division an Application for Approval of Extension or Alteration to an Airport or RLA form (form AER 2057) stating the nature of the proposed extension or alteration to the airport or RLA in the application.

The proponent will have 18 months to complete the modification. If construction cannot be completed within this timeframe, a Request for Extension of Time for Airport/RLA/Heliport Alteration/Extension (form AER 2062) form must be submitted to the division.


The Certificate Holder, the property owner, and the division each have the authority to request that a Certificate of Approval to operate an airport or RLA in Illinois be rescinded. The Certificate Holder shall submit a completed Rescission of Certificate of Approval form (form AER 2064) authorizing the closing of an airport or RLA and requesting that the division rescind the Certificate of Approval.


The division may waive strict compliance with any portion of Part 14 Aviation Safety in connection with any particular application or request for a waiver, if the applicant demonstrates that the waiver is necessary; will not adversely affect air traffic; will not interfere with future development of the airport or RLA; will not substantially impair the safety of the public's use of the airport; and will not diminish the safety of those using or living near the airport, heliport, or RLA.

The applicant must complete and sign an Application for Waiver form (Form AER 2056) that shall be submitted with the application for Certificate of Approval for an airport or RLA, or for an extension or alteration of an existing airport or RLA.