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Interest Reports

Mentor Protégé Program

An optional IDOT program designed to enhance the capabilities of socially and economically disadvantaged businesses to perform prime contracts and subcontracts and if a prime enters into this program the goal of the project will be reduced by five percent. The program centers on business collaborations between Mentor firms (prime contractors) and Protégé firms (socially and economically disadvantaged businesses certified as DBEs) to provide developmental assistance to enhance the Protégé’s business and technical capabilities to do more complex work. Please visit the Mentor Protege Program webpage to learn more.

In the ‘Item Description’ (in the ‘Notice of Letting’ under the Transportation Bulletin page) a project is noted in red text if it is eligible for Mentor Protégé Program participation. 

Joint Venture

The Rules for Prequalification of Contractors, Authorization to Bid, and Subcontractor Registrations allow prequalified contractors to combine their available bidding capacity and request an Authorization to Bid for a single contract to bid as a joint venture after department approval.  

Certificate of Joint Venture (BC 2267) must be filled out by the parties of the joint venture.  Submit an original signed copy to:

Illinois Department of Transportation
Bureau of Construction, Prequalification Section
2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 322
Springfield, Illinois 62764

An Authorization to Bid report (which is unique per prequalified firm) will be sent via email to the firms indicating what items they are authorized to bid on as a Joint Venture, if they are not authorized an explanation will be given on the report.

If your firm is interested in award of an advertised project, a bid is required to be submitted.