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Possible online services disruption due to Internet related outage

A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Agency Alert

Welcome to the new IDOT home page.  Our location has changed, please update any bookmarks.


Rules, Regulations and Fees

If you are moving an implement of husbandry, as defined in the IVC 625 ILCS 5/1-130, and you are over-width only, please refer to OPER 2279 Wide Loads of Implements of Husbandry.


  • No permit moves of any type are allowed over ton load limit structures on marked or unmarked routes under the jurisdiction of IDOT
  • Only legal weight moves are allowed to cross legal weight structures on marked or unmarked routes under the jurisdiction of IDOT
  • Movement on all toll roads  require a permit issued  by the Illinois Toll Authority
  • Use the Obstructions and Restrictions map to identify specific vertical clearance
  • Temporary Restriction List Files (txt) & (pdf) Temporary Restrictions can also be viewed on Getting Around Illinois
  • Permanent Restriction List lists of permanent roadway restrictions and are also identified on Getting Around Illinois
  • State Line Bridges list restrictions identified by adjacent states and identified on Getting Around Illinois
  • IL Road Jurisdictions can be viewed by going to map and selecting the Obstructions and Restrictions map.   Once on the map zoom to the location of the route you need to verify jurisdiction for and then click on the layer list and select IL Road Jurisdiction.  Once the IL Road Jurisdiction turns on you will see various colored lines on the roadways to identify the routes jurisdiction.

Routes and Road Condition Maps

CVIEW Application for Law Enforcement