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Primary Highway

Business Area Sign: Primary Highway

This application is used to obtain a permit to erect an off premises sign along a controlled primary Non-Interstate/Expressway route. Signs along a controlled primary highway within the state of Illinois are required to obtain permits from IDOT prior to being erected, when the advertised content is not located on the property where the sign is to be placed. Off Premises signs along Primary Highways are only allowed within areas that are zoned commercial or industrial or in unzoned areas that meet the Business Area criteria.

Fee Schedule

A non-refundable application fee by check or money order payable to the Illinois State Treasurer shall be submitted. Any application received without the correct fee will be returned and not processed.

  • For signs of less than 150 square feet*, the fee shall be $50.
  • For signs of at least 150 but less than 300 square feet*, the fee shall be $100.
  • For signs of 300 or more square feet*, the fee shall be $200.

*The square feet shall be measured by the smallest square, rectangle, triangle, circle, or combination that will encompass the entire display area. If one side of the sign provides for more display area than another, the measurements will be made on the larger side.


Please read the Rules for Primary Highways to familiarize yourself with regulations before submitting an application.

Application:Business Area Sign-Primary Highway (LA9001) Note: This form is best viewed using Internet Explorer. To open this form within Chrome or Firefox, right click the link and select 'Save link as...' This form is currently not compatible for use with mobile devices or tablets.

Instructions and a checklist are included on the required application which is to be submitted to the following address with original signatures:

Illinois Department of Transportation
Bureau of Land Acquisition Outdoor Advertising
2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 210
Springfield, IL 62764