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Notification for Outdoor Advertising

Notification for Outdoor Advertising: Directional or\Official Sign

This application is used to notify IDOT that a directional or official sign will be erected. Signs in this category include: service clubs, non-profit groups, welcome to city signs, churches, etc. Signs meeting the below definitions and rules are not required to obtain a permit but are required to notify the department using the form below.

Fee Schedule

No Fee


Please read the Rules for Directional or Official Sign to familiarize yourself with regulations before submitting an application.

ApplicationDirectional Sign, Official Sign, or Official Notice (LA9008) Note: This form is best viewed using Internet Explorer. To open this form within Chrome or Firefox, right click the link and select 'Save link as...' This form is currently not compatible for use with mobile devices or tablets.

Instructions and a checklist are included on the required application which is to be submitted to the following address with original signatures:

Illinois Department of Transportation
Bureau of Land Acquisition Outdoor Advertising
2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 210
Springfield, IL 62764