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Obtain Approval

  1. Call applicable IDOT Materials representative for a unique identifier code (P/S number) for each producer and supplier. The following is a map outlining the District Boundaries with the Materials Engineer contact information.
    • If you are a producer/supplier residing within the state of Illinois, contact the district office in which your facility resides to request your number
    • If your facility is outside of the state of Illinois, contact a central office materials representative at (217) 782-7200.
  2. Match up product with IDOT material code and specification.
    • Once your number has been assigned, you will need to determine what materials you would like to have assigned to your P/S number. Every material has a specific material code assigned to it and the producer must determine which specification and material code applies to their specific product. 
    • Manufacturers can use the Manual for Materials Inspection Part II as a reference to IDOT material codes and to determine if a material code exists and if a specification applies. Specifications can be from several sources including: Standard Specification, CBM Specifications and "M" Specifications.
    • If there is no code for your material/product, please contact Mark Gawedzinski, Products Evaluation Engineer at (217) 782-2799.
  3. Schedule a plant visit, if applicable:
    • Once you have determined the code and specification for your material, contact your district inspector. Your inspector will schedule a plant visit and testing, if required (see contact list above).
    • Out of state facilities will need to contact the department’s central office at: (217) 782-7200 to schedule a plant visit and/or sampling if required.

Please note:

Producer and/or suppliers may be classified as "inactive" or "d-flagged" for several reasons which include: producer/supplier going out of business, lack of providing material for several years, material problems, etc. but have the capability of becoming "active" status again by complying with the requirements as stated in the appropriate material policy memorandums