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Administration of the Project

Contractor Pay Estimates

Once a contractor has been awarded a contract, they can view when pay estimates have been posted for payment by the Comptroller’s Office.

Notice of Contract Awards Transportation Bulletin

Click on the link below to go to that type of contract and see all current contract awards. Contract awards are posted daily. Award notices are listed in order by date, posted with the most recent posts at the top of the list.

Pay Item Summary

The following provides details about all pay items for a contract.

Payment Status

If you are waiting for a payment from the state, you can now access the Comptroller's (IOC) website and check the payment's status. The Vendor Payments page is a secure site and you will need your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

On the left side of the IOC main page, click Vendor Payments. Next, the Vendor Login screen appears. You are required to type your TIN and click Ok. The next screen is Vendor Summary. Click Payments. The next screen is Vendor Warrants. Under the header Selection Criteria, scroll down to 494 – Transportation. At the bottom of the screen click Find Warrants. You have arrived at the Vendor Warrants screen which should include your warrant (check number and the date it was issued by the IOC).

If the payment amount you are expecting is not shown on the Vendor Warrants screen, one or more of the following may have occurred:

  1. The check/warrant is not being processed with the TIN entered on the Vendor Login screen.
  2. Your invoice has not been processed by IDOT.
  3. Your invoice has not been processed by IOC.

If you have multiple TIN's please attempt the same process with all possibilities which will require you to go back to the Vendor Login screen. To avoid this in the future please include your preferred TIN on all future funding agreements. If you have exhausted all TIN possibilities, please contact your IDOT district office. If it has been over three weeks from the date of the district's submittal to IDOT's central office please ask your district office to make inquiries with the central office.

Posted Contract Change Authorization

This report reflects all change authorizations posted prior to July 1, 2023. Information regarding change authorizations approved since July 1, 2023 will become available in the near future.

Contract Number:


Surety Company Contract Status Information

IDOT receives many requests from surety companies requesting contract information so as to keep track of the status of the contract. A database is maintained to provide surety companies a simple tool to track the status of a contract in relation to the amount of work completed.

Vendor Documents

A contractor awarded a contract will be required, as a material condition of the contract, to implement and enforce the contract requirements applicable to subcontractors approved in accordance with article 108.01 of the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. For each subcontract with a value of $50,000 or greater the following additional documents are required to be submitted electronically by the prime contractor to IDOT's Central Bureau of Construction by logging on to Vendor Documentation Systems.

Multi-Year Contract Certification: The Illinois Procurement Code requires that every person that has entered into a multi-year contract and every subcontractor with a multi-year subcontract shall certify, by July 1 of each fiscal year covered by the contract after the initial fiscal year, to the responsible Chief Procurement Officer whether it continues to satisfy the certification requirements of Article 50 pertaining to eligibility for a contract award. 30 ILCS 500/50-2. To view the certifications and additional requirements of Article 50 click here. Please fill out the form below:


In accordance with Public Act 102-0721, the Illinois Department of Transportation issues quarterly reports to provide information regarding change order requests concerning price.