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Illinois Marine Transportation System Plan

Illinois Public Port District Location Interactive Map
Illinois Public Port District Printer Friendly Map

Illinois Marine Transportation System Plan and Economic Impact Analysis (IDOT, March 2021)

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Illinois Public Port District Location Interactive Map
Illinois Public Port District Printer Friendly Map

The IMTS Plan is a multimodal planning and policy endeavor initiated by the Illinois Department of Transportation in March 2019. The IMTS Plan provides the state of Illinois with a foundational understanding of the marine transportation system and how it contributes to the state’s economy. This plan is only the first step in better integrating the state’s waterways into the state’s multimodal transportation network. The programmatic recommendations created as part of the IMTS Plan provide IDOT and other state agencies with important information on how to move toward integration of the marine mode as part of Illinois’ multimodal transportation network.

Individual Chapters are provided here:

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Report Cover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: History and System Overview

Chapter 3: Port Districts

Chapter 4: Economic Value Commodity Flows

Chapter 5: Needs Assessment

Chapter 6: Programmatic Implementation

Appendix A: Neighboring State Dredging Review

Appendix B: Peer State Review

Appendix C: Port District Specific Economic Impact

Appendix D: Carrier Profiles and Economic Impact

Appendix E: Economic Impact Detailed

Appendix F: Public Comments

Individual Port Profiles:

Alexander-Cairo Port District Profile

America's Central Port District Profile

Havana Regional Port District Profile

Heart of Illinois Regional Port District Profile

Illinois International Port District Profile

Illinois Valley Regional Port District Profile

Jackson Union Counties Regional Port District Profile

Joliet Regional Port District Profile

Kaskaskia Regional Port District Profile

Massac Metropolis Regional Port District Profile

Mid-America Intermodal Authority Port District Profile

Mount Carmel Regional Port District Profile

Ottawa Port District Profile

Seneca Regional Port District Profile

Shawneetown Regional Port District Profile

Southwest Regional Port District Profile

Upper Mississippi River International Port District Profile

Waukegan Port District Profile

White County Port District Profile

A video summarizing the Marine Transportation System, its economic impact and forecasted commodity flows is available here.

Illinois Public Port District Board Information: Board Members Residency Requirements