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Illinois State Freight Advisory Council

The Illinois Department of Transportation is responsible for the efficient movement of people and goods. The Department has re-energized this commitment in September 2013 by establishing the Illinois State Freight Advisory Council (ISFAC) to provide a standing forum for coordination of freight multimodal planning in the State of Illinois in order to enhance the benefits of every mode, improve intermodal connection, and sustain the State’s position as the primary freight hub of the United States.

The ISFAC will have a statewide focus on freight mobility in Illinois that will reflect a mix of freight experts from across all modes to include railroad, port, and airport operators, trucking firms, freight shippers and receivers, economic development organizations, public sector representatives, academic and professional organizations, manufacturing, agriculture, and energy as well. To that end, the Illinois State Freight Advisory Council is comprised of high level public and private sector representatives involved with freight transportation on Illinois’ highways, railways, waterways, and airways.