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Transit Plan

  • Transit Plan: The Illinois Transit Plan is complete, and can be accessed here. The Transit plan will be integrated into the Long Range Transportation Plan This will allow for greater connectivity in the development of the LRTP between the various transportation modes. The Transit section of the LRTP will be utilized to implement policies designed to increase resident and visitor mobility through greater transportation choices and improved connectivity among transportation modes. It will develop goals and policies for public transportation throughout Illinois.
  • Capital Asset State of Good Repair Report: This document includes sections on Transit Asset Management (TAMP), existing conditions of Illinois transit providers, best practices, and recommendations. This report can be accessed here
  • Performance Measurements Report: This document includes details on how downstate transit providers’ performance is measured, as well as performance comparisons of demand response and fixed route providers with peer providers from across the nation. This report can be accessed here. 
  • Service Needs and Gaps Report: This document identifies demand-based opportunities for new fixed route, commuter, demand response, and intercity transit services, along with the methodologies demonstrating how the respective demand for each type of transit was calculated. This report can be accessed here. 
  • Stakeholder Engagement Report: This document includes a record of the outreach which took place in the early stages of developing the transit plan, including summaries of public meetings, survey results, summaries of interviews held with transit operators, and summaries of transit activities which are undertaken by other public agencies across Illinois. This report can be accessed here. 
  • State Funding and Benefits of Public Transportation Report: This document contains a summary of state public transportation funding in Illinois, a comparison of state public transportation funding with other peer states, and an analysis and the conclusions of a study calculating the economic benefits of public transportation. This report can be accessed here. 
  • Technology, Opportunities, and Benefits Report: This document showcases new technologies available to both fixed route and demand response transit systems, and a table of where these new technologies are being implemented throughout Illinois. This report can be accessed here.