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Data Quality Subcommittee

Meeting Dates


  • TBA


  • Postponed to 2024


Email for more information.


After being inactive for an extended period, the motion to reconvene the Data Quality Subcommittee (DQS) was approved on April 19, 2022.

The DQS is a sub-subcommittee of the Technical Committee subcommittee.  However, it is referred to as the Data Quality Subcommittee or DQS.

The Data Quality Subcommittee serves the Technical Committee and was created for the purposes of:

  1. ensuring that complete, accurate, and timely motor vehicle crash data are collected, analyzed, and made available for transportation safety decision-making;
  2. improving comprehensive training for data contributors, users, and analysts across all relevant traffic safety systems;
  3. providing greater access to traffic safety related data;
  4. integration and linkage between and among traffic safety systems;
  5. specific topics and/or projects as requested by the Technical Committee.

Now that the DQS has officially reconvened, the additional duties include:

  • Creating and maintaining a comprehensive data inventory;
  • Includes representation of each of the six (6) core Traffic Records Information Systems: Crash, Driver, Vehicle Information, Roadway, Citation or Adjudication, and EMS or Injury Surveillance;
  • Updating, integrating, and linking all data required by federal and state government;
  • Explore and implement all possible remedies and repairs to eliminate data quality issues; and
  • Ensure the highest quality of data available.

At this time, the DQS is chaired by the Traffic Records Coordinator. The Traffic Records Coordinator will collaborate with the DQS to steer the DQS towards improving the traffic records data quality throughout the state of Illinois. Email for more information.