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Welcome to the new IDOT home page.  Our location has changed, please update any bookmarks.

Doing Business


In order to effectively carry out its mission, the department's professional services and construction needs for innovative project delivery are advertised in two locations, depending on the role. All of these procurements and related business processes are governed by law. Please utilize the links below to learn more about IDOT business processes, related to that particular procurement, including prequalification, advertisements, policies, guidelines, and much more. All procurement information can be found on the IDOT Procurement page: Procurements

Engineering Architectural & Professional Services

Roles like the Engineer of Record (EOR), Procurement Engineer (PCE), Independent Cost Estimator (ICE), and Construction Oversight Team (COT) for IPD Projects may be performed by the Department through consulting firms. The Department may also utilize the term, Owner's Representative to describe a consultant who performs one or any number of the roles listed above for IPD Projects. IDOT advertises for professional services four times a year via the Professional Transportation Bulletin (PTB) and makes this schedule public via the PTB Schedule. On occasion, a special bulletin is necessary. If you are interested in providing these services, please visit the Engineering, Architectural & Professional Services page. 

Professional Services advertisements can be found here: Bulletin

Innovative Project Delivery Construction Services

Roles like Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC), Progressive Design-Builder (PDB), and Design-Builder (DB) for IPD Projects are advertised through the Chief Procurement Office. Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are also advertised in this same location. If you are interested in providing these services, please visit Innovative Project Delivery (IPD) Procurements.