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Bridge Bundling

IDOT is evaluating the feasibility of bundling focused on bridge and culvert replacements. It is anticipated that a bridge and culvert bundling effort may help the department complete more projects in less time at lower costs, leverage increased revenues to deliver additional projects beyond the bundling effort, and create new, innovative opportunities for DBE engagement and growth.

Results from the project will assist IDOT with understanding the benefits and considerations of establishing a bundling demonstration project and ongoing program. Such a demonstration may include any number of state structures procured in one or more bundle(s) delivery in 2-3 years. The feasibility analysis underway is being conducted in two phases, qualitative and quantitative. The project is currently in the quantitative analysis phase to identify potential structures to bundle and recommend the optimal delivery approach. For a printable fact sheet on the program click here.  

For questions regarding the Bridge Bundling Feasibility Analysis Program, email

As part of the quantitative analysis, the program team heard from industry on the feasibility of bridge bundling.  See below for additional information.

Industry Webinars

The IDOT program team hosted two webinars to provide an overview of bridge bundling and hear from industry stakeholders on any questions and feedback. These webinars included one industry webinar and one DBE-focused webinar. DBEs  were welcome to participate in both webinars. As the State of Illinois explores the potential for bridge bundling, particular emphasis is being placed on the potential of a bundling program to support robust DBE participation – the DBE-specific webinar presented the same overview information, with  a facilitated discussion focused on the unique opportunities and perspectives of the DBE community.