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Accessibility in the Public Right of Way

Providing accessible transportation in Illinois

Accessibility and IDOT

IDOT's ADA Transition Plan

IDOT’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan serves as a guide to further IDOT’s vision, guiding principles, and goals of making Illinois transportation systems accessible to all.


Design Guidance

IDOT ADA Design Standards

  • 424001 Perpendicular Curb Ramps
  • 424006 Diagonal Curb Ramps
  • 424011 Corner Parallel Curb Ramps
  • 424016 Mid-Block Curb Ramps
  • 424021 Depressed Corner
  • 424026 Entrance Alley Pedestrian Crossings
  • 424031 Median Pedestrian Crossings

Where a facility cannot be made fully compliant, the designer must complete a Maximum Extent Practicable (BDE Form 3101) discussing barriers to full compliance, and alternatives designs considered.

State Design Guidelines

Illinois Accessibility Code (IAC)

Federal Design Guidelines


Construction Guidance


ADA Policy Contact

Accessibility Request

If you have concerns regarding sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks, pedestrian traffic signals or other services within the public right-of-way, please fill out our ADA complaint form or contact the ADA Policy person above.