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Public Right of Way

The public right-of-way is a complex space serving multiple users and functions. The sidewalk and street crossing network is the basic unit of pedestrian mobility and its surfaces support all of us—from children to elders—in both pleasant and inclement weather. Private, transit, and commercial vehicles vie with pedestrians for right-of-way width. All modes of travel, including motor vehicles, rail transit, and foot traffic share time and space at intersections.

Our extensive system of existing roadways is constantly being improved. The vast majority of work in the public right-of-way environment is reconstruction, alteration work, not new construction. The bulk of public works funds are used to maintain and to make changes in those existing environments, rather than to create new facilities. Each altered element must be accessible to and usable by people who have disabilities, to the maximum extent feasible.

IDOT is committed to making Illinois accessible to everyone and to increasing awareness about accessibility in the public right-of-way within the State of Illinois.  For more information, please visit the IDOT ADA and Accessibility section of the site.