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IDOT Business

IDOT is committed to maintaining the state's transportation infrastructure through a partnership with construction and consulting firms. IDOT is also committed to providing an array of services to assist Illinois businesses succeed in pursuing transportation-related construction and consulting opportunities. IDOT continually strives to ensure that contracts are awarded to qualified businesses and recognizes the importance of maximizing contract participation opportunities for socially and/or economically disadvantaged business owners throughout the state.

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program is a federally mandated program that provides minorities, women and other eligible small businesses an opportunity to participate in highway, transit and airport contracts that are federal and state funded.

For more information on becoming a certified DBE, please visit the DBE Certification page.

DBE Compliance is ensured by IDOT's EEO Contract Compliance Officers. Compliance is ensured in three main areas of transportation related projects: DBE goal credit, labor and EEO reviews and DBE monitoring.

For more information on DBE Compliance and for a list of compliance officers, please visit the DBE Compliance page.