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Enabling Statutes

IDOT has the responsibility for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of Illinois' extensive transportation network, which encompasses highways and bridges, airports, public transit, rail freight, and rail passenger systems.

IDOT follows applicable federal laws as steward of federal funds to carry out its mission and vision effectively through the department’s guiding principles to better meet Illinois’ transportation needs of today and tomorrow.

IDOT is governed by its enabling statute 20 ILCS 2705, which holds IDOT accountable and responsible for carrying out programs and policies that have been authorized and funded by the Illinois General Assembly. Under 20 ILCS 2705-15(a), the Secretary may create and establish offices, divisions, and administrative units as necessary for the efficient administration and operation of the department and may assign functions, powers, and duties to the several offices, divisions, and administrative units in the department.

The Illinois Highway Code applies to all public highways in the state of Illinois except highways under the exclusive jurisdiction (1) of any department, board, commission or agency of this state other than the Department of Transportation or (2) of any municipal corporation other than a city, village or incorporated town (605 ILCS 5/1-103). Highway transportation system development requires the cooperation of state, county, township, and municipal highway agencies and IDOT is committed to maintaining this cooperation and commitment to the improvement of highways and the highway transportation system.  

All IDOT policies, rules* and practices are also in line with the Illinois Aeronautics Act, the Illinois Vehicle Code and applicable executive orders. By adhering to the aforementioned federal and state governance guidelines, IDOT honors its pledge of professionalism and dedication to meeting the needs of Illinois travelers every single day.

* The General Assembly's Illinois Administrative Code database contains IDOT’s adopted rulemakings (Title 92: TRANSPORTATION)

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