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Student Opportunities

At IDOT, we believe that investing in the future of transportation comes primarily from hiring a quality workforce and training workers to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. But other activities, such as mentoring people in the community and reaching out to students at high schools, colleges, and universities statewide are equally important. By mentoring and investing in young people through various IDOT programs and activities, the department encourages hands-on experience to help put dreams into action through a wide array of opportunities in the transportation industry. Through these aggressive and competitive programs, we try to seek out the best student and invest in them, so that they in turn can invest in us to help transform transportation for tomorrow.


Seasonal Engineering Intern Program (May 16-August 15)

  • Seasonal Engineering Technician Intern Program
    The Seasonal Engineering Technician Intern Program is designed to give engineering students an opportunity to obtain on-the-job training. These positions are accountable for providing engineering assistance for all aspects of highway related design, construction, and maintenance projects. This program normally occurs from May 16th through August 15th. The positions will be posted each year, typically in the month of February. The job posting will state the specific job duties and the requirements that applicants must meet in order to be eligible.

                $15.85/hour Downstate

                $17.00/hour Chicago

Please check the vacancy announcements page for the corresponding postings to apply.

Graduate Public Service Internship (GPSI) Program

GPSI is a 21 month internship program through the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS). The hiring process is conducted by the University.

Students simultaneously work towards a professional career while earning one of 20 Master's degrees offered at UIS.

Located within the Center for State Policy and Leadership, GPSI is ranked as one of Illinois' premier governmental internship programs. For more than 30 years this program has provided top-flight graduate students with a high-quality graduate education, real world experience, and lifelong connections.

Students are encouraged to apply regardless of academic background. After completing program requirements, many interns continue working in state government, while others gain employment at other levels of government or pursue opportunities in the private sector.

For more information or application, please visit the UIS website.

Michael Curry Summer Internship Program

This 10-week internship program starts June 1. Applications are submitted to the Office of the Governor for review, and then distributed to participating agencies based on the agency’s requests for students.

The Michael Curry Summer Internship Program offers college juniors, seniors and graduate students in all disciplines (including law) an opportunity to work in one of the agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor full-time during the summer. Positions are available in Springfield and Chicago.

For more information and/ or application, please visit Office of the Governor.