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Industry Marketplace

The Industry Marketplace exists to provide our business partners up-to-date information on approved firms and products, information exchanges, IDOT programs and much more. Please select a tab to learn more.


IDOT approves firms to bid on infrastructure procurements. These lists are updated constantly. To view firms that are currently approved by IDOT, please select a category below:

Prequalified Contractors

Prequalified Contractors (updated every Monday)

Not on the list but want to get prequalified? Navigate to Contractor's Prequalification to get started.

Registered Subcontractors

Registered Subcontractors (updated every Monday)

Not on the list but want to get registered? Navigate to Subcontractor's Registration to get started.

Prequalified Consultants

Prequalified Consultants (updated every Friday)

Not on the list but want to get prequalified? Navigate to Consultant Prequalification to get started.

Certified DBEs

Certified DBE Firms (updated the 20th of every month)

Not on the list but want to get certified? Navigate to DBE Certification to get started.

Qualified Product List

To view all qualified product lists please click here.

Information Exchange

Important Notice before Continuing: User Agreement.

IDOT is the provider of this site to facilitate the ability of contractors and subcontractors to obtain information relative to bidding department contracts. A user of this site agrees to be bound by the contents of this site use agreement. Downloading information from this site is limited to the user's personal commercial purpose in keeping with the use description above. No other commercial purpose is allowed or authorized. Material may be displayed for such personal commercial use provided that it is not modified in any way and that all notices are maintained without any change. The materials on this site may not be modified, published, transmitted, reproduced, posted, or displayed in any way other than for the purpose of the user as intended.

The department does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any information posted on the site or any omissions or other errors in content. The department shall not be liable for damages, direct or indirect, and actual, consequential, or punitive arising out of or in connection with the use of the site.

The department does not monitor information posted to the site by users but does reserve the right to monitor content. The department assumes no responsibility or liability for monitoring. Users are prohibited from placing or posting on the site any statement or information that is defamatory, libelous, false, obscene, pornographic, profane or inaccurate.

No privacy is offered or granted regarding the use of this site. The department reserves the right to use any information posted to the site for any governmental purpose.

Prime Contractor Request for Subcontractor

Prime Contractors request for Subcontractors click here.

Subcontractor Statements of Interest

Subcontractors Statement of Interest click here.


Individual reports are generated for each letting date. You can view reports by letting date, and search reports by item number. Please click here to generate interest reports.

Industry Support

IDOT has several programs to assist industry partners. Please select a category to learn more:

Financial Assistance

To learn more about the DBE Working Capital Revolving Loan Program click here.


Workshops designed to assist transportation industry firms that do business with IDOT or would like to do business with IDOT are held across the state. For more information on upcoming events in your area, please visit IDOT's Event webpage.

Collaboration Opportunities

The Construction Mentor Protégé Program centers on business collaborations between mentor firms and protégé firms (DBE certified) to provide developmental assistance to enhance the protégé’s business and technical capabilities to do more complex work.

What are the benefits of being a mentor?

  • Approved firms will receive a five percent reduction of the DBE goal for a mentored project.

What are the benefits of being a Protégé?

  • Opportunities to develop skill sets that can complement or diversify the protégé firm.
  • Build trust and loyalty between the mentor and protégé.
  • Additional mutually agreed upon benefits from mentors including work that flows from a government or commercial contract through subcontracting or teaming arrangements.

Navigate to Mentor Protégé for more information.


Please let us know if this marketplace has helped you or can be improved in anyway.