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Contractor Resources

The following manuals, guides, specifications, and forms are provided to help you do business with IDOT.

Standard Specifications / Supplemental Specifications and Recurring Special Provisions

Standard Specifications / Supplemental Specifications and Recurring Special Provisions are now located under Engineering, Architectural & Professional section under the Consultant Resources link.



The following are manuals, guides and forms provided to comply with construction projects for IDOT and local entities.

Manuals & Guides

Construction Manual

The IDOT Construction Manual is compiled to clarify the IDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction and to suggest uniform procedures in highway construction field work. The manual is organized similar to the Standard Specifications.

Construction Memorandums are issued by IDOT's Bureau of Construction to distribute policy information. Please navigate to Construction Memorandums for a list of updates within the past year and a list of memorandums.

Documentation of Contract Quantities

The Documentation of Contract Quantities Guide (or “Documentation Guide” for short) is the documentation section of IDOT’s Construction Manual, containing policies which represent the minimum documentation requirements for use by construction personnel for the proper documentation of day to day events as well as contract pay quantities on the state’s highway construction projects. Each IDOT district may require additional documentation due to conditions specific to the District.

The CMMS Supplement – Documentation of Contract Quantities Guide document serves as a supplement to the department’s Documentation of Contract Quantities Guide. This supplement is intended for use when the Construction and Materials Management System (CMMS) is being utilized to administer a construction contract.

Highway Standards

Highway Standards show the details of various construction items and are used in conjunction with the Standard Specifications.  The applicable Standards are referenced on the cover sheet of the plans. To view the most current DGN files please navigate to Highways Standards.

Inspector Checklists

Construction Inspector's Checklists are issued by IDOT's Bureau of Construction to provide guidance to IDOT and local agency employees for the performance of required inspection for the major categories of work involved in department contracts.

For technical support call (217) 782-2760.

Bridge Superstructures01/03/2018
Concrete Structures Other Than Bridge Decks03/01/2013
Continuously Reinforced PCC Pavement12/14/2007
Contract Administration12/14/2007
Drilled Shaft Inspector's Checklist03/07/2016
Earth Excavation and Embankment03/17/2021
Erosion Control12/14/2007
Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Binder and Surface Course12/14/2007
Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavement (Full Depth)12/14/2007
Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Shoulders12/14/2007
Pavement Patching12/14/2007
Pipe Culverts12/08/2014
Portland Cement Concrete Pavement12/14/2007
Precast Concrete Box Culverts03/01/2013
Removal and Disposal of Regulated Substances03/11/2021
Roadway Lighting05/25/2018
Soil Modification12/14/2007
Stabilized Subbase, BAM, CAM, PAM & CAM II12/14/2007
Storm Sewers12/08/2014
Structural Steel Bolting12/14/2007
Traffic Signal Installation12/14/2007

Local Roads & Streets Manual

IDOT's Bureau of Local Roads and Streets publishes and maintains a manual which establishes uniform policies and procedures for the location, design, and environmental evaluation of highway construction projects on the local highway system. The purpose of this policy is to compile the policies and procedures which govern project location, design, and environmental evaluation into one comprehensive manual.

As of January 1, 2006, all design approvals will be based on the most current electronic version of this manual unless a variance is granted.

Download the entire Local Roads Manual or to view the manuals by part please navigate to LPA Resources: Local Roads and Street Manual.

Navigate to Local Roads & Streets Special Provisions to view a complete listing of updates to the current Local Roads & Streets Manual.

IDOT has an electronic subscription service with automatic email updates on all changes to the BLRS Manual. To sign up for this free service, please navigate to Stay Connected.

If you have any questions or comments about the manual please email: DOT.BLRDOTMANUAL@Illinois.gov

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

The Illinois Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (IMUTCD) consists of the National Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NMUTCD) issued by the Federal Highway Administration as amended by the Illinois Supplement to the MUTCD. Please access the federal MUTCD at the FHWA website for more information. 

Current Issue:  Illinois Supplement to the National Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Summary of Changes:  Illinois Supplement to the National MUTCD Summary of Changes

In the interest of statewide uniformity, forward requests for interpretations, experimentation, and changes to the MUTCD or IL Supplement to dot.ilmutcd@illinois.gov

Project Procedure Guide

All materials used on a project must have evidence of materials inspection, in other words, there must be proof that the materials incorporated into the work meet specification. IDOT's Bureau of Materials is used as a resource for determining reasonable inspection procedures and sampling frequencies for materials used in highway construction. This guide seeks to establish materials sampling and testing uniformity throughout the state by providing sampling schedules which list the minimum frequencies at which samples and measurements shall be taken by project, plant, and IDOT's district personnel.

This guide applies to all projects constructed on the state system and all local agency improvement projects with federal, state, or MFT funds. Specific exceptions to this Manual for Local Agency work are indicated in the current Local Roads and Streets Manual(s) or by circular letter.


Environment Protection Practices

Navigate to Erosion and Sediment Control for more information in regards to methods to prevent soil and other pollutants from leaving the construction site.

Navigate to Storm Water Management Plan to view more information in regards to storm water runoff pollution and an action plan.

Roadside Maintenance

Navigate to the Roadside Maintenance webpage to view detailed information about invasive species and prairie inventories along side our roadways.

Letting Specific Items

BDE Special Provisions

IDOT’s Bureau of Design and Environment (BDE) issues the BDE Special Provisions four times a year. They are inserted into contracts as they apply. Please navigate to the BDE Special Provisions webpage for a listing of these materials.

Coded Pay Items

The Coded Pay Items are updated seven times each year. Each updated codebook corresponds with a regularly scheduled IDOT Letting. If a Special Letting is held, the most recent update prior to the Special Letting should be used.

Please navigate to Consultant Resources to view Coded Pay Items.


Approved Labs

If you are interested in becoming or working with an approved lab that performs material testing on behalf of IDOT please choose from the following: Cement, Concrete, Soils.

Pavement Marking Contractors

Placement of thermoplastic, epoxy, and polyurea pavement markings shall only be performed by contractors approved by IDOT's Engineer of Operations.  IDOT maintains a list of contractors who are currently approved to perform this work. 

Pay Item/Material Conversion Report

The following is a listing of pay item unit of measure to material code unit conversion factors in pay item order.

Qualified Product Lists

To view all qualified products lists click here.

Work Zone Safety Materials


The following is a list of construction forms.

Construction Related Forms

Bridges & Structures

The following are the reference materials for executing a contract for bridge and structural work.

Specific Scope of Services

Listed below are compliance materials by specific scope of service, please click to expand the items below.





Prequalifed Structural Systems

Need Help?

General Contact Information

For your convenience a contact directory has been provided for questions regarding bridges and structures.


The following are the reference materials for executing an agreement for airport related work

Construction and Materials



Policy Memorandums





Planning & Programming