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In order to effectively carry out its mission, the department’s professional services, construction, and specialized material needs are advertised continually. All of these procurements and related business processes are governed by law. Please utilize the left hand navigation menu or links below to learn more about IDOT business processes related to that particular procurement, including prequalification, advertisements, policies, guidelines, and much more.

Procurements-01.jpgEngineering, Architectural & Professional Services

IDOT is responsible for the design and planning of transportation improvement projects. As necessary, IDOT works with consulting firms to accomplish this task. If you are interested in providing these services, please visit the Engineering, Architectural & Professional Services webpage. Click here to access the Illinois Transportation Procurement Bulletin.

Procurements-02.jpgLand Acquisition Services

IDOT needs land in order to fulfill its basic responsibilities to its citizens. If it could not acquire private property, the state would be unable to fulfill these fundamental responsibilities. As necessary, IDOT works with real estate experts to accomplish this task. If you are interested in providing these services, please visit the Land Acquisition Services webpage. Click here to access the Land Acquisition RFP and IFB Advertisements.

Procurements-03.jpgConstruction Services

The department oversees construction activity and works with the construction industry to address the state’s varied infrastructure needs.  Click here if you are interested in working with the department to fulfill these needs.

Procurements-03.jpgConstruction Letting and Bidding

The department advertises highway construction, highway construction-related, airport, water resources, and land reclamation projects seven times a year via the Transportation Bulletin.

Click here to access the Construction Letting and Bidding Portal.

Procurements-03.jpgContractors Bulletin

The department provides the Contractors Bulletin on a weekly basis, advertising procurement opportunities.

Click here to access the Contractors Bulletin portal.

OtherProcurements.jpgOther Procurement Opportunities

The Chief Procurement Office advertises procurements with IDOT that are unique, or involve alternative or innovative project delivery methods. Many of these projects include public-private partnerships (P3s) or potential P3s. Please navigate to Other Procurement Opportunities webpage for more information.

The Chief Procurement Office

The Chief Procurement Officer for Highway Construction is responsible for overseeing all construction related procurement activity at IDOT. Section 15-1 of the Illinois Procurement Code requires the Chief Procurement Officer to provide information to the public concerning IDOT's procurement's and procurement-related activities. Information includes, but is not limited to, awards, change orders, land purchases, reports to the General Assembly, contractor suspensions, DBE waivers, conflict of interest statements, and emergency procurement's. Please click here for more information on procurement-related activities. You can also visit the Chief Procurement Office webpage.

Please click here to visit the Procurement Policy Board's webpage.

Please click here to view Notices including Prohibited Political Campaign Contributions.

Non-Construction Related Procurements

IDOT is only authorized to handle construction related procurements. You will find new procurement information, including solicitation opportunities and notices of award, on BidBuy.
BidBuy is the CPO-GS' e-procurement system and may be found at https://www.bidbuy.illinois.gov/.