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Partner Toolkit

Welcome to the community toolbox for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Walk Roll Illinois Active Transportation Plan (ATP). Active transportation is an initiative through the state to implement human-powered modes of transportation, such as walking, biking and handicap-accessible modes of transit. Illinois’ ATP has four goals:

  • Safety: Safety is at the forefront of all IDOT projects. The active transportation plan will identify barriers to safety and decrease injury and fatalities.
  • Accessibility and Connectivity: Identify new routes for active transportation and identify gaps within current systems.
  • Equity: Active transportation is for everyone. The plan will include measures to make active transportation affordable and accessible for all individuals across the state.
  • Partnerships: Build onto existing partnerships with internal and external partners to build a better, connected network across the state.

Your partnership with your local community is vital to the success of Walk Roll Illinois. We need your input to help shape the future of bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Please take the survey and use these tools to help spread the word about this initiative. By using this community toolkit, you are helping to ensure that all areas across the state are included in this master plan, and that all voices are heard. Thank you!

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