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Cement.JPGFocus areas include testing, acceptance and approval of portland and blended cement, other special cements, ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBF), microsilica (silica fume), high reactivity metakaolin, fly ash, and other miscellaneous cement products. Other focus areas include research studies regarding cement and finely divided mineral applications, and methods for improving cement and finely divided mineral quality throughout the state.

Qualified Product List

Clicking a hot link below will take you directly to the qualified list for the material/product referenced in the title.


Below you will find information regarding the process and how to get materials approved.

Policy Memorandums

Laboratory/Field Test Procedures

Clicking a hot link below will take you directly to the test procedure listed in the title. In order for these materials to be approved/qualified they will be tested to the requirements listed in the procedure.


Below are reference materials to assist in getting materials approved and IDOT guidelines.


The following documents are provided as a tool to assist with identifying materials and/or ensuring that correct data is supplied to IDOT.

There are currently no guides.

Material Specific Information

There is currently no material specific information.


CBM Specifications

Activities involving materials, research, and new products are administered by IDOT's Central Bureau of Materials (CBM). Administration of these activities requires CBM to develop new specifications or revise existing department specifications. Since these activities are under development or are being evaluated, the specifications do not have a wide distribution. In addition, these specifications are a working document and have not been adopted as a statewide standard.

  • Calcium Aluminate Cement (CBM)
    Application: This specification revises the chemical requirements for calcium aluminate cement according to Article 1001.01(e). This specification is for concrete patching projects that allow Class PP-5 concrete.
    Effective Date: 07/01/2013
    Revised Date: Not Applicable
    Contact Person: Daniel Tobias / Phone: 217/782-2912 / Email: Daniel.Tobias@Illinois.gov 



There is no required training.

Approved Lab

IDOT conducts specialized testing for Alkali-Silica Reactivity (ASR) ASTM C 1567, but also approves external laboratories to perform the test on its behalf.

If you would like to become an approved lab please contact the department for additional instructions.

Brian Lokaitis
(217) 782-4028
Cement Lab Supervisor
Bureau of Materials 
Office of Highways Project Implementation

Contact Us

Brian Lokaitis
(217) 782-4028
Cement Lab Supervisor
Bureau of Materials
Office of Highways Project Implementation

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