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I-94 at Devon Avenue

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is currently engaged in preliminary engineering and environmental studies (Phase I) for the improvement of Interstate 94 at Devon Avenue in the Village of Lincolnwood and City of Chicago in Cook County.  This improvement is included in the IDOT’s FY 2020-2025 Proposed Highway Improvement Program.  Current engineering efforts are targeted to enable a contract letting in the middle years of the multi-year program contingent upon plan readiness, land acquisition and funding availability through future annual legislative appropriations.  The proposed project is anticipated to consist of bridge replacement.

If you have any questions or need information, please contact Corey Smith, Project Manager, at (847) 705-4103 or by e-mail at Corey.Smith@Illinois.gov.

Note: IDOT projects typically have three distinct phases. Phase I (or the project Study) consists of developing the project scope, environmental studies and preliminary design of a project. Phase II (Design) consists of refining the design to develop contract plans and land acquisition. Phase III (Construction) consists of the actual construction of the project.

This project is currently in Phase I which entails preliminary engineering and environmental studies to identify roadway deficiencies, review alternative ways of improving the roadway, identify the potential impacts of the improvements, and to discuss these issues with the public. If land is to be acquired from private property owners in order to improve the roadway, the amounts needed from affected properties are identified during this phase and coordinated with the individual property owners. The Phase I study is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2020. Additional information will be provided as the project progresses.

Location Map (pdf)

This section will be updated as the project progresses.

This section will be updated as the project progresses.

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