Williamson County - Illinois 37 from Wildcat Drive to Illinois 148 south of Marion


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Illinois 37 from Wildcat Drive to Illinois 148 south of Marion

Welcome to the project page for the Illinois 37 resurfacing project. The Illinois Department of Transportation is in the planning and early design stages (Phase I) for this road improvement. The project location is just south of Marion and consists of milling and resurfacing the existing two-lane road, constructing 8-foot shoulders (5-foot asphalt and 3-foot aggregate), grading new ditches, and extending or replacing culverts. The project will begin near Wildcat Drive and continue to the south, ending near Illinois 148. A northbound right-turn lane will also be constructed at Lake of Egypt Road. 

As a result of the comments received during the virtual public meeting in December 2021, the Illinois Department of Transportation will be adding to this project by constructing a roundabout at the intersection of Illinois 37 and Wildcat Drive. 

This proposed roundabout will include impacts to Pyramid Park, a public park in Marion. As such, it is subject to protection under Section 4(f) of the U.S. Department of Transportation Act of 1966. For this project, IDOT intends to seek a section 4(f) “de minimis” impact finding from the Federal Highway Administration based on a determination that the proposed roundabout will not adversely affect the features, attributes, or activities that qualify Pyramid Park for protection under section 4(f). Effects of the Illinois 37 and Wildcat Drive project on Pyramid Park will include taking of land in the park. Mitigation will include improved access to the park through the proposed roundabout. Detailed documentation describing the impacts and mitigation associated with the effects of Illinois 37 and Wildcat Drive on Pyramid Park will be included in project materials for this meeting.

Please explore the web page for further information regarding the project. There are exhibits that include aerial renderings of the proposed project, proposed typical sections and crash exhibits of the existing road. 

Questions about the project can be directed to:

Valerie Rolla
Project Engineer
Phone: (618) 549-2171, ext. 15214

Note: IDOT projects typically have three distinct phases. Phase I (or the project study) consists of developing the project scope, environmental studies and preliminary design of a project. Phase II (design) consists of refining the design to develop contract plans and land acquisition. Phase III (construction) consists of the actual construction of the project.

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