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I-255 Resurface – Restore - Rehabilitate

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Starting in February of 2020, the reconstruction of Interstate 255 is one of the first projects of the historic, bipartisan Rebuild Illinois effort, and fixes a badly deteriorated section of interstate in the St. Louis Metro East area.  While this project will require a complete closure of the interstate to all traffic for one construction season, it enables the project to be completed cheaper, faster and safer.

     * Significantly reduces completion time to 10 months, instead of 4 years.
     * Saves $14 million.
     * Increases worker safety by keeping traffic out of the work zone.
     * Reduces accidents by eliminating the need for work zone lane shifts.

The project consists of rehabilitating and resurfacing approximately 7 miles of I-255 from I-55/70 to Illinois 15 in two sections separated by Interstate 64, with significant bridge repairs, safety improvements and drainage upgrades.  This project will restore the roadway and bridges to a smooth and safe condition for motorists and will support future investment in the region.

North Section Closure:  February 1, 2020 - Map

South Section Closure: June 13, 2020 – Map

Proposed Project Completion:  November 25, 2020

Actual Completion Date: OCTOBER 31, 2020

Awarded Construction Cost:  $67 million


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As one of the first projects of the historic bipartisan “Rebuild Illinois” effort, this project fixes one of the state’s worst stretches of roadway.

This project was on the Nov. 8, 2019, letting and was awarded to the joint venture of The Kilian Corp. and Keeley & Sons Inc. with an apparent low bid of $67 million. Construction activities are expected to begin in  early 2020. The work will be completed in two sections: the North Section, from I-64 to Collinsville Road, and the South Section, from  the Illinois 15 interchange to I-64. Each section will be closed for approximately five months. Some patchwork will occur along the South Section prior to the northern closure to ensure and extend the ability of that section to handle traffic.  Work will start on the North Section in early spring with the full closure (all lanes) of I-255 between I-64 and I-55/70. Full closure of the South Section, between I-64 and Illinois 15, will start after the North Section is complete. IDOT will provide signed detour routes utilizing I-55/70 to and from I-64.  Local traffic is expected to use alternate state routes to bypass the closure.

IDOT has determined that an interstate closure is the best construction method to use for this project because it ensures the safety of both the workers and the motoring public. An interstate closure eliminates potential conflicts a motorist might have because of lane shifts, crossovers and emergency closures. Most importantly, an interstate closure maximizes safety for the men and women who will work on this project. This construction method also provides significant cost and time savings. By closing this stretch of I-255, IDOT is able to save approximately $14 million.  These cost savings allow us to use these funds elsewhere within the region on other critical infrastructure projects. It also allows the work/project to be accelerated and compressed into one construction season, and it also reduces the overall construction time for a project of this size from four years to 10 months.

Benefits from complete lane closure include:

  • Completion of the project in 10 months instead of 4 years.
  • Save taxpayers $14 million, plus the ongoing costs of repairing lanes that would stay open with staged construction.
  • Eliminate lane shifts for new configurations, thus reducing accidents and driver confusion.
  • Ensure the safety of workers during construction by keeping traffic out of the work zone.

The Switchover

Project Schedule

Why A Full Closure Exhibit


November, 2020

The I-255 rehabilitation project is complete!  On October 31, 2020, the south section between I-64 and IL Route 15 was completed and re-opened to traffic.  This is nearly a month ahead of the originally scheduled completion of November 24th.  IDOT would like to thank all of our industry partners for their dedication to this project and the Metro-East commuters for their patience while we worked to improve the transportation system in Illinois. 

October, 2020:

Work on the south section of the I-255 rehabilitation project is nearing completion. Construction crews continue striping, finishing work on the shoulders and placement of guardrails.  Deck patching and joint replacement on overhead structures continue as well.  Announcements will be made soon regarding the completion of the I-255 rehabilitation project and its full reopening.

September, 2020:

Work continues on the south section of the I-255 rehabilitation project. Milling and paving are ongoing through this three-and-half mile stretch of highway. Additionally, work on improved drainage continues as well as repairs to overhead structures. The project is progressing on schedule. Alternate routes are not experiencing any significant congestion. IDOT would like to thank the Metro-East commuters for their patience as we rebuild Illinois.

August, 2020:

The contractor has been able to take advantage of the cooperative weather and is making good progress on I-255. Most recently, their primary focus has been on bridge work, pavement drainage systems, barrier wall construction and highway lighting. This month we anticipate the contractor completing the median barrier wall and ramp work. As always, IDOT appreciates the patience of the Metro-East commuters as we work to complete this much needed improvement.

June/July, 2020:

On June 13th, after months of closure and a complete rehabilitation, the portion of I-255 from I-55/70 to I-64 was reopened to traffic.  It also marked the closure of the southern portion of the project that stretches from I-64 to Illinois Route 15.  Before the closure, workers repositioned barricades in preparation and IDOT staff worked closely with Google and Waze to prepare travelers for the switchover.  Similar to the work completed on the north section, teams of construction workers will be busy rehabilitating the bridges and roadway on the south section to create a safe and smooth interstate for the Metro-East area commuters.

May, 2020:

As the first phase of the I-255 rehabilitation project enters into its final stretch, IDOT is looking forward to opening this stretch of I-255 in the middle of June.  At the same time, we want to remind motorists that IDOT and the construction crews will be pre-staging the area in preparation for the switchover to close the southern section.  Please remain alert when driving through these areas.

April, 2020:

Work continues on the I-255 rehabilitation project.  Construction workers are milling and paving this three-and-half mile stretch of highway.  Additionally, the full replacement of the bridge deck over Harding Ditch is nearing completion and other bridge projects are progressing as well.  All work continues to be on schedule. Traffic is running smoothly on the alternate routes due to a significant decrease in traffic across Illinois.  In these trying times, we want to take a moment to thank all the workers who are doing a fantastic job on this project.

March, 2020

As the weather remains cooperative, the work to rehabilitate I-255 continues.  Complete bridge deck replacement is occurring over Harding Ditch.  Installation of new drainage components and patching is ongoing.    Contractors continue to work closely with IDOT staff to maintain the schedule of the project.  IDOT appreciates the patience of the Metro-East area commuters as this project moves forward.

February, 2020:

On February 1st, the portion of I-255 from I-55/70 to I-64 was closed for a complete rehabilitation of the interstate.  Work began immediately after the closure. For the first week of the project, there were over 4800 hours logged in and an average of 73 on-site workers per workday.  Over the next few weeks, we anticipate that teams of construction workers will be out there rehabilitating the bridge structures and roadways to create a safe and smooth interstate for the Metro-East area commuters.

October, 2019:

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