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U.S. Route 14 Grade Separation at CN/EJ&E Railway Study

The Village of Barrington has received a Federal TIGER II Planning Grant to investigate alternatives for implementing a grade separation at the existing at-grade crossing of the U.S. Route 14 at the CN/EJ&E Railway.

This study will follow guidelines prescribed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). In addition, a public outreach program based upon the principles of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Context Sensitive Solutions Policy (CSS) will be conducted. CSS is an interdisciplinary approach that seeks solutions by working with stakeholders to develop cost-effective transportation facilities which fit into and reflect project’s surroundings.

Please check the U.S. Route 14 Grade Separation at CN/EJ&E Railway project website for project updates, to submit comments or to join the project mailing list.

Note: IDOT projects typically have three distinct phases. Phase I (or the project Study) consists of developing the project scope, environmental studies and preliminary design of a project. Phase II (Design) consists of refining the design to develop contract plans and land acquisition. Phase III (Construction) consists of the actual construction of the project.

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