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Local Transportation Partners

IDOT recognizes the importance of the state-local partnership in delivering a safe and efficient transportation system. The department strives to promote a dynamic and effective working relationship with all local agencies. 

This section of the website provides the resources and information all our local partners need to interact with IDOT as well as relevant quick links to other portions of the website. 

We hope that our local partners are able to locate all the resources needed to effectively carry out your statutory responsibility but also to partner with us as we transform transportation for tomorrow!

Local-Part-03.jpgCounty Engineers and Local Public Agencies

County Engineers and Local Public Agencies will be able to access relevant information on the programming process, access resources from the technology transfer center, and view funding opportunities that are available.

Local-Part-01.jpgAirport Sponsors

Airport Sponsors will be able to access relevant information on the programming process as well as how to advertise airport construction projects in IDOT's Transportation Bulletin.

Local-Part-02.jpgPublic Transportation Providers

Public Transportation Providers will be able to view available funding opportunities for planning efforts, equipment purchases, and more.

Local-Part-04.jpgLocal Planning

Local Planning agencies will be able to view customized information and tools.

Local-Part-05.jpgLaw Enforcement

Law Enforcement will be able to access relevant information on grants, reporting, and specific resources.