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Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan

Illinois is the transportation hub of the nation and the sixth largest state in the United States, but has not had a comprehensive, multi-year capital plan since 2009. Overall, Illinois’ infrastructure has a C-rating, and deferred maintenance backlogs for our road and transit systems alone have reached $30 billion. Currently, 74 percent of Illinois roads and 86 percent of bridges are rated as acceptable.

Rebuilding Illinois through a capital plan will create good jobs and develop needed infrastructure in each area of the state, investing $44.8 billion over six years, with $33.2 billion of that amount allocated to transportation, and supporting an estimated 540,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs throughout the life of the 6-year Rebuild Illinois plan (approximately 90,000 jobs per year). Rebuild Illinois includes:

  • $25.4 billion for Illinois’ roads and bridges.
  • $1.4 billion for major rail projects and added Grade Crossing Protection projects.
  • $150 million for aeronautic facility improvements.
  • $150 million in new funding for port improvements.

New The new federal Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act will put an additional $17.8 billion into infrastructure projects funded by Rebuild Illinois. Learn more here.

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