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Greene County: US Route 67 over Macoupin Creek

Welcome to the website for the US Route 67 over Macoupin Creek project in Greene County, Illinois. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) created this site to provide information about the progress of the project and to facilitate public input and participation. If you would like to submit your comments or questions or sign up for the project mailing list, please visit the (Get Involved) section of this website. Thank you for your interest in this project. Please check this website regularly for project updates.


The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is performing a Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study to analyze the replacement of the bridge carrying US Route 67 over Macoupin Creek (SN 031-0022) in Greene County, Illinois. 

The bridge was constructed in 1969. The Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) is 4,650 in 2021 and the forecasted AADT is 5,800 for 2044.  Due to its age and condition, IDOT has determined this structure needs to be replaced.  Repair or rehabilitation would not be cost effective.


This bridge provides a crossing of Macoupin Creek in the region, serving the trucking and agricultural industries, in addition to commuters of neighboring towns to their destinations. US Route 67 is an important roadway for motorists in the area as it provides a means for travelers to get to north and south destinations.


The project is located south of Carrollton, Illinois and north of Jerseyville, Illinois in Greene County. The aerial map below illustrates the site and surrounding rural area. 

IDOT'S Three-Phase Project Development Process

The US Route 67 over Macoupin Creek project is currently in Phase I, and there is an approximate 12 to 18-month schedule for the Phase I work.  Proposed highway improvements are typically processed in three phases.  In Phase I (preliminary engineering phase), proposed geometry, environmental concerns, and right-of-way requirements are defined.  During Phase II, contract plans are prepared, and the necessary right-of-way is acquired.  Phase III represents the actual construction of the improvement. 

Phase I: Preliminary Design and Environmental Study

IDOT and its engineering consultant team will inventory existing conditions, such as traffic data and crash history, and will identify and document environmental constraints as the project moves forward. The Project Study Group (PSG), which consists of representatives from IDOT, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the study consultant engineering team, with input from the public, will also develop and refine improvement alternatives. The result of the study will be a design for a new bridge that addresses identified transportation issues and serves the area’s future needs.  Public involvement will take place throughout the project development.

Crash History

A full crash analysis will be completed for the project. Measures to reduce crashes will be evaluated and included in the overall project design.