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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture and Strategic Plan

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture Strategic Plan: IDOT is presently updating the Illinois Statewide Architecture and Strategic Plan and looking at regional ITS architectures throughout the State. This project is coordination with IDOT’s District offices, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs). The project will assess the current use of ITS in Illinois and recommend approaches to enhance the integration and deployment of ITS for future generations. Please view the ongoing effort to update the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture Strategic Plan here: https://ilitsupdate.net/.


Task 1 - Technical Review of Existing Documentation

Task 2 - Outreach and Stakeholder Participation

Task 3 - Initial Phase Statewide Strategic Plan & Architecture and Regional Architectures Task 4 - Communications Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment Task 5 - Architecture Maintenance and Operating Plan Task 6 - Technical Assistance in the Development of Regional ITS Architectures Illinois Project Resources