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Interstate 90 (I-90)/Kennedy Expressway Bridge Rehabilitation Study

The Illinois Department of Transportation will be rehabilitating the Kennedy Expressway (Interstate 90/94), from the Edens Expressway (Interstate 94) junction to Ohio Street. The estimated $150 million project consists of rehabilitating 36 bridge structures and the Reversible Lane Access Control (REVLAC) system, replacing overhead sign-structures, installing new signage and modernized LED lights, pavement patching and structural painting. Additionally, Hubbard’s Cave, from Grand Avenue to Wayman Street, will be painted and new LED lighting installed.

An FAQ about the project can be found by clicking here.

The work will take place over three consecutive construction seasons, broken down into the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Inbound Kennedy: Click here for stage 1 fact sheet.
  • Stage 2 – Reversible Express Lanes: Click here for stage 2 fact sheet.
  • Stage 3 – Outbound Kennedy: Click here for stage 3 fact sheet.

The Kennedy Expressway officially opened in November 1960, with the last major rehabilitation completed in 1994. The project will improve safety, traffic flow and reliability for the more than 275,000 motorists who use the expressway each day.


The I-90/Kennedy Expressway feeds directly into O’Hare International Airport and is a core local expressway moving traffic in and around the city. Its bridge structures provide support to 275,000 vehicles per day, including personal vehicles and freight trucks.

These structures are more than 50 years old and were last repaired in 2012. Since then, the decks have begun to show signs of deterioration and the 2012 repairs have reached the end of their intended lifespan. IDOT is now planning to make long-term improvements to improve the condition of the mainline Kennedy Expressway structures to help ease maintenance and ensure their continual service.

A project area boundary has been defined adjacent to the bridge locations that encompasses various community and environmental resources. The overall project area and bridge locations are shown in the map below.

project map

The I-90/Kennedy Expressway varies throughout the project area and includes:

  • Four lanes inbound and outbound
  • Two reversible lanes
  • Multiple on and off ramps at interchanges
  • Auxiliary lanes between interchanges
  • Restricted shoulder widths due to overpass structures and the densely developed urban area

The projected benefits of the project include:

  • Improved Infrastructure
  • Structural Safety
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Reduced Impacts to Traffic During Maintenance

IDOT develops and implements projects using the following three-phase process:

  • Phase I: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Studies. The I-90/Kennedy Expressway Bridge Rehabilitation Project has completed Phase I in 2021.
  • Phase II: Contract Plan Preparation. The I-90/Kennedy Expressway Bridge Rehabilitation Project is currently in Phase II and completion of Phase II Contracts is anticipated in 2022 (Typically 18-24 months)
  • Phase III: Construction and Construction Engineering (Typically 12-24 months)

This improvement is included in the Department’s FY 2022-2027 Proposed Highway Improvement Program.  Current engineering efforts are targeted to enable a contract letting in the middle years of the multi-year program contingent upon plan readiness and funding availability through future annual legislative appropriations.

Ramp Closures

East-bound Ramp Closures:
North Ave. Off-ramp
Armitage Ave. On-ramp
Fullerton Ave. Off-ramp
Sacramento Ave On-ramp
Kedzie Ave. On-ramp
Kimball Ave. On-ramp
California Ave. Off-ramp
Irving Park Ave. On-ramp
Montrose Ave. On-ramp

West-bound Ramp Closures:
Augusta Ave Off-ramp
North Ave. On-ramp
Armitage Ave Off-ramp
Damen Ave. Off-ramp
Fullerton Ave. On-ramp
California Ave On-ramp
Kimball Ave. Off-Ramp

This project is being developed in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to ensure that environmental factors are weighted equally when compared to other factors in the decision-making process. Learn more about NEPA.

Download our fact sheets to learn more about the I-90/Kennedy Expressway Bridge Rehabilitation Project.

  • Click here for an FAQ on the project.
  • Click here for a project overview.
  • Click here for the Stage 1 fact sheet.
  • Click here for the Stage 2 fact sheet.
  • Click here for the Stage 3 fact sheet.

Construction is scheduled to begin, weather permitting, Monday, March 20. Major travel delays are anticipated, alternative routes are strongly encouraged.

  • Click here for an FAQ on the project.
  • Click here for a project overview.
  • Click here for the Stage 1 fact sheet.
  • Click here for the Stage 2 fact sheet.
  • Click here for the Stage 3 fact sheet.

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