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IDOT aims to enhance Illinois’ transportation network by providing technical assistance and financial resources to public transportation providers and rail operators. Our goal is to provide mobility options which support an interconnected transportation network that provides for the efficient movement of people and goods throughout the state.


Federal Operating Assistance Program (Section 5311)

By legislation (30 ILCS 740/2) IDOT is empowered to receive these federal funds and make operating assistance grants to eligible participants for general public transportation service in rural and small urban areas (population <50,000).  The program is administered by the IDOT’s Office of Intermodal Project Implementation (OIPI) who is responsible for applying for and receiving the federal funds reviewing grant applications, executing grant agreements, paying requisitions, monitoring the eligibility of incurred expenses by the participants, and ensuring grantee compliance with federal and state program regulations

Eligibility Requirements


5311 Operating Assistance Application Packet

  • TR OP200: Transit 5311 Formula Grants Application for Rural Areas
  • TR OP201Transit 5311 Formula Grants Application Part II


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Technical Assistance Information

State/Northeastern Illinois Operating Assistance Program

Operating assistance in northeastern Illinois is comprised of the following state programs:

Eligibility Requirements

Technical Assistance Information

State/Downstate Operating Assistance Program (DOAP)

The Downstate Public Transportation Act, referred to as the Downstate Operating Assistance Program (DOAP), was established by the Illinois General Assembly to provide operating funds to assist in the development and operation of public transportation services statewide.  Currently, DOAP pays up to 65% of eligible expenses and each eligible participant receives an annual appropriation from the general assembly.  The program is administered by IDOT’s Office of Intermodal Project Implementation (OIPI) who is responsible for reviewing grant applications, executing grant agreements, paying requisitions, monitoring the eligibility of incurred expenses by the participants, and ensuring grantee compliance with federal and state program regulations.

Eligibility Requirements


Rural DOAP Application

  • TR OP100: Transit Rural Downstate Operating Assistance Program (DOAP) Application

Rural DOAP Reporting

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Urban DOAP Application

  • TR OP300: Transit Urban Downstate Operating Assistance Program (DOAP) Application

Urban DOAP Reporting

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Technical Assistance Information

Technical Studies

IDOT seeks to provide hands-on planning and financial help for grantees who are looking to resolve some of their public transportation and/or intermodal problems.  Public transit problems can run the gamut from reorganization of bus operations to transit-oriented development to development of specialized transit services for elderly people or people with disabilities. Intermodal issues can include the development of smart corridors or the analysis of freight traffic flows, to the development of truck parking at existing and new industrial parks.  We enjoy talking over ideas with potential applicants and welcome inquiries!


Eligible applicants are authorities of the State of Illinois, metropolitan planning organizations, and local governmental authorities, including public transit agencies.


Per 49 USC §5305, Technical studies cover the following types of studies:  “(A)  Studies related to management, planning, operations, capital requirements, and economic feasibility; (B)  Evaluation of previously financed projects; (C)  Peer reviews and exchanges of technical data, information, assistance, and related activities in support of planning and environmental analyses among metropolitan planning organizations and other transportation planners; and (D) Other similar and related activities preliminary to and in preparation for constructing, acquiring, or improving the operation of facilities and equipment.”


Technical Planning Study Reports

IDOT’s Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation funds and works with eligible Grantees on public transit and intermodal transportation planning studies. These studies cover a wide range of activities that are eligible under 49 USC §5305. They are designed to help Grantees make more informed choices when later seeking capital or operations funding.

The following studies help illustrate the variety of issues Grantees face. They include but are not limited to such issues as reorganizing existing bus operations; determining the physical, operational, and financial feasibility of rail line extensions; analyzing how elderly people make transit mode choices; and identifying major freight traffic flows within and through Northeastern Illinois.

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