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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the best solution for replacing the bridge that carries US Route 67 over Macoupin Creek.

Why is IDOT studying this bridge?

IDOT is studying this bridge due to the deteriorating condition and age of the bridge.

Will additional Right-Of-Way (ROW) be required with this project?

It is a possibility that ROW may be required with this project; however, this has not been determined.  IDOT is in the initial stage of this preliminary engineering study.  Once the scope of work is determined and a design is developed, the amount of ROW, if any, will be determined.

How will construction of this project be completed?

This has not yet been determined.  Once a scope of work has been determined, in conjunction with input from the public, a preliminary design will be developed.  As part of that, an analysis will be done to evaluate various construction methods to minimize adverse travel to the motoring public.

Will the bridge be closed during construction?

It is too early in the planning process to determine if the bridge will need to be closed during construction.  IDOT’s goal is to stage construction and keep at least one lane open during construction.