Multi-Year Plan


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Multi-Year Programs (MYP)

IDOT strives to ensure that Illinois residents, businesses, and visitors are provided with a transportation system that is safe, accessible, sustainable, environmentally conscious, and makes connections whenever possible with the goal to someday offer a seamless travel experience.

IDOT’s Multi-Year Improvement Program (MYP) provides Illinoisans and IDOT stakeholders with an improvement plan for Illinois’ transportation system within a proposed six-year program. IDOT understands that the department needs to look at a full range of transportation options, evaluate how they affect mobility for users, assess the current infrastructure, prioritize needed improvements based on system performance metrics and then, with available revenue sources, strive to integrate them into the overall IDOT transportation strategy.

Through IDOT’s MYP, the department strives to provide details on the plan’s funding, process, and proposed projects and initiatives that will preserve, maintain, improve, and expand Illinois’ system. It is IDOT’s expectation that these efforts continue to provide Illinois with safe, reliable, and accessible travel and freight options.


The FY 2023-2028 Proposed Highway Improvement Program

FY 2023-2028 Proposed Highway Improvement Program

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Project lists for the FY 2023-2028 Proposed Highway Improvement Program are provided by IDOT district. Other specialized breakouts are provided here for the varied needs of our transportation partners.

Projects in Legislative or County lists may appear in more than one legislative district or county

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MYP projects can be viewed on an interactive map using IDOT’s Getting Around Illinois website. Please visit this site, click here, to view the current program’s projects.

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Outreach for the upcoming FY 2023-2028 Proposed Highway Improvement Program (referred to as the MYP) will be scheduled at a later date, details will follow when finalized.

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