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U.S. 30 – Dauberman Road to IL 47

The Illinois Department of Transportation (Department) is currently conducting a preliminary engineering and environmental study (Phase I) for the improvement of U.S. Route 30 (U.S. 30) from east of Dauberman Road to Illinois Route 47 (IL 47) in the Villages of Sugar Grove and Big Rock in Kane County. Funding for this improvement is not included in the Department’s Proposed Highway Improvement Program. However, this project will be included in our priorities for future funding consideration among similar improvement needs throughout the region.

The purpose of the project is to improve US 30 between Dauberman Road and IL 47 to accommodate year 2050 transportation needs. The specific needs to be addressed include transportation related safety and operations, mobility (traffic flow) and capacity, geometric deficiencies, pedestrian and bicyclist facilities, and drainage improvements. For additional information visit the project website at https://www.us30eastofDaubermantoIL47.org

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