Highway System


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Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

Our goal is to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries due to crashes in the state of Illinois. This page has been designed to house all safety data tools and relevant links to assist our local partners.

Illinois’ HSIP is a core federal program (Section 148 of Title 23, United States Code) intended to produce a measurable and significant reduction in fatalities and serious injuries resulting from traffic related crashes on all public roads. HSIP is a data-driven, strategic approach program for infrastructure improvements administered by the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA). Emphasis is placed on performance. States are required to set performance measures and targets for reductions in the number of fatalities and serious injuries and the reduction in the rate of fatalities and serious injuries per million vehicle miles traveled. In addition, ensuring there are reductions in fatalities and serious injuries on rural major and minor collector roads and rural local roads as well as with older (>65 years old) drivers and pedestrians is a priority.

The local HSIP process is announced through a Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Circular Letter.   The solicitation announcement is normally done in the spring of the year with project awards in mid-summer.  Additional information is provided for your convenience.