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Illinois 37 from North of Bonnie to Bond Street in Benton


Thank you for visiting the Illinois 37 project page. The Illinois Department of Transportation is in the planning and early design stages (Phase I) for this road improvement. The project will take place on Illinois 37 from north edge of Bonnie and extends south to Bond Street in Benton in Jefferson and Franklin counties. 

The purpose of this project page is to provide a virtual open-house public meeting in addition to our in-person public meeting on July 19 to provide the public an opportunity to comment on proposed improvements as presented and any other issues in this area (need for improvements) and suggest possible alternatives to be further studied for the proposed improvement. Exhibits, maps and aerial photography of the proposed project area are available for viewing.  Interested persons should view all material provided with links below to learn more about the study, review anticipated proposed improvements, and provide comments. 

The proposed improvements are anticipated to include patching and resurfacing of Illinois 37, shoulder widening, reshaping ditches, drainage improvements, culvert replacements, intersection improvements and other miscellaneous improvements as presented. Preliminary studies at a few of the proposed structure/culvert replacements recommend construction under short road closures of Illinois 37 with detours instead of staging traffic. 

After reviewing the material, please fill out a comment form and return it to the department by Aug. 19.

Questions about the project can be directed to:

Valerie Rolla
Project Engineer
Phone number: (618) 549-2171 ext. 15214

Note: IDOT projects typically have three distinct phases. Phase I (or the project Study) consists of developing the project scope, environmental studies and preliminary design of a project. Phase II (Design) consists of refining the design to develop contract plans and land acquisition. Phase III (Construction) consists of the actual construction of the project.

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Virtual Public Meeting

Aerial Photography with Proposed Improvements

  • IL 37 Aerial Exhibit
  1. Village of Bonnie – Campground Road to SCL of Bonnie/W Palmer Lane
  2. Bonnie to Ina - SCL of Bonnie/South of W Palmer Lane to South of Oak Street
  3. Village of Ina - South of Oak Street to Tamaroa Road
  4. Ina to South of the Jefferson/Franklin County line
  5. South of the Jefferson/Franklin County line to South of Illinois 154
  6. South of Illinois 154 to South of Benton Camp Road
  7. South of Benton Camp Road to South of Bowling Alley Road
  8. City of Benton - South of Bowling Alley Road to South of Illinois 14 East/Bailey Lane

Land Acquisition

Other Information