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I-57 at IL-17 Interchange Reconstruction


Overview and Scope

Proposed improvements involve roadway reconstruction on I-57 and IL 17 (Court Street) with drainage, intersection and safety improvements as needed. Alignment changes are proposed along I-57 and will require replacement of the bridges carrying Waldron Road and the KB&S Railroad over I- 57. Permanent and temporary closure or relocation of some local streets and entrances will be necessary. Acquisition of additional right of way will be required. An analysis of potential highway traffic noise impacts was performed during the study in accordance with Department policy.

The study is anticipated to be completed in calendar year 2020. Phase II (Design) engineering is currently funded in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-2026 Proposed Highway Improvement Program and would begin after approval of the Phase I project study, subject to funding availability.

Land Acquisition and Construction are unfunded in the FY 2021-2026 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. 

Land Acquisition, Utility Adjustments, and Construction funding for replacement of the bridge carrying Waldron Road over I-57 are included in the FY 2021-2026 Proposed Highway Improvement Program.

More information on Land Acquisition processes is available under the resources section below.



This project has been approved as a Federally Approved Categorical Exclusion. Details of anticipated environmental impacts are provided in the final public involvement exhibits under the resources listed below.

Get Involved

Comments, questions, or requests for additional information can be sent to the study team by any of the contact methods below.  Phone discussions or site meetings can be scheduled if appropriate but may require some time to schedule and coordinate.

Illinois Department of Transportation
Attn: Dave Alexander
700 East Norris Drive
Ottawa, IL 61350
Phone: (815) 434-8468
Fax: (815) 434-8951



Revised Exhibits - April 13, 2021

Revised Exhibits

Final Public Involvement - October 1 to October 31, 2020

Project Presentation
Written narrative of presentation
Project Handout
Land Acquisition Process
Summary of Comments and Responses

Individual Exhibits:

Project Description
Summary of Environmental Impacts
I-57 Aerial North
i-57 Aerial South
I-57 Aerial 1
I-57 Aerial 2
I-57 Aerial 3
I-57 Aerial 4
I-57 Aerial 5
I-57 Aerial 6
I-57 Aerial 7

IL 17 Aerial
IL 17 Aerial 1
IL 17 Aerial 2
IL 17 Aerial 3

Eastridge Aerial
Aerial Legend
Typical Sections
Interchange Alternatives

Informational Displays:

Location Map
Speed Limit Map
Traffic Map
Level of Service Map

Traffic Noise Involvement:

Noise Study Process Videos
Noise AbatementPamphlet
Noise Analysis Pamphlet
Noise Fundamental Pamphlet


Previous Public Involvement:

March 19, 2013-Public Information Meeting #2

Summary of March 19, 2013 Public Meeting
Public Information Meeting Notice
Public Information Meeting Brochure
Location Map
Purpose and Need
Aerial I-57 North
Aerial I-57 South
Aerial IL 17
Existing Typical Sections I-57
Existing Typical Sections IL 17
Proposed Typical Sections I-57
Proposed Typical Sections IL 17
Crash Location Map
Traffic Data
Existing Level of Service
2040 Level of Service without improvement
2040 Level of Service with improvement

July 19, 2012 - Public Information Meeting #1

Public Information Meeting Summary
Public Information Meeting Brochure
Location Map
Purpose and Need
Aerial Exhibit I-57
Aerial exhibit 17 West
Aerial Exhibit 17 East
Existing Typical Section I-57
Existing Typical Sections IL 17 & Ramps
Proposed Typical Section
ITS Exhibit - Option 1
ITS Exhibit - Option 2
ITS Exhibit - Option 3
ITS Recommended
3D View of SPUI
Crash Location Map
1-57 Crash Data
IL 17 Crash Data


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The Phase I study for this project was approved in early 2021 and the Design Phase (Phase II) will begin soon. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) wishes to thank you for your support and patience.